Our recovery means our life when we finally surrender to the truth of our addictions.
If you have questioned your relationship with alcohol or any other addictive substance including prescription drugs, gambling, food, sex, relationships OR love addiction, please know you are not alone in your fear, anger and self-loathing. These feelings are normal and common if you are experiencing a controlling, inappropriate relationship with any of the above drugs.

Recognizing yourself here, in these statements may indicate your possible qualification for a walk down this path. Please know there is a process that has proven to be successful in finding relief from this mental obsession and physical addiction. There is a freedom waiting to been seen if and when you choose to ask for it.

Please read the following example of the form of compassion and understanding that awaits you if you find yourself alone, questioning what the next step may be.

Recovery and freedom from addiction is as unique a process as each individual who seeks help. No two people embrace the journey alike and in that spirit of truth the miracle of recovery awaits each of us when we dare to ask for help.

Pick up the phone and ask for a free consultation.Share your situation, fears and the issues surrounding your life. Honest compassion, sincere understanding and help is available as soon as you ask for it.

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