Life Healing CenterSanta Fe, NM

25 Vista Point Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Phone: 5053226881

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Life Healing Center is located among the Sangre de Cristo foothills of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here, treatment for adult men and women is made available. Our center provides care that addresses substance abuse and addiction, mental health conditions, trauma, and intimacy issues. Specifically, addictions to alcohol, heroin, prescription drugs, cocaine, and meth are treated. Also, mental health conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety can be addressed at Life Healing Center. Adult men and women can also obtain help for intimacy issues like sex addiction, love addiction, and relationship addiction. Our team is made up of a board-certified adult psychiatrist, Masters level therapists, licensed drug and alcohol counselors, sex addiction therapists, clinical technicians, nurses, and additional service providers. There are many therapeutic services offered to our patients. Some of these can include individual therapy, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), experiential therapy, massage therapy, EMDR, somatic experiencing, and more. Our team goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive care to each patient who comes to us for help.

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