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Phone: 512-766-4051

Click here to visit Self Recovery is rehab without the frills.
It is all the programming and curriculum of rehab put into an online journey that is on-demand and accessible from any device to anyone, anywhere. It is created by me, Daniel Hochman, MD, and it is all evidence-based and made for you.
6 Modules:

1. Foundations: a crash course on the science of addictive behavior
2. Addiction: strategies to interrupt the “fuck it” stage
3. Cravings: methods of steering your ‘wants’ before they become action
4. False Pleasures: a close look at what the mind is searching for
5. Emotional Pain/Distress: safely address the root cause of the distress you escape/avoid/numb
6. Health: ways of finding connection and contentment outside of pleasure seeking

*100's of bite-sized video lessons
*Mindfulness series specifically for addiction
*Exercises and reflections to personally integrate concepts
*Focused journaling
*Music to emotionally connect
*Forums for each module
*Option for live groups
*Resources for further growth

We offer several pricing options, a $1 trial, and a 30-day money back guarantee. You deserve to see how helpful and serious we are before trusting in a process like this.

Check out how it works:
Thanks and hope to see you inside!
Daniel Hochman, MD

Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out: or 512-766-4051

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