The Sanctuary Byron BayByron Bay, NSW-Australia

PO Box 34
Byron Bay, NSW-Australia 2481

Phone: +61 2 6639 8888

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The Sanctuary Byron Bay is an ultra private therapeutic retreat for people dealing with alcoholism, addiction, anxiety, depression, grief and PTSD to name a few.

We specialise in helping those who prefer not to, or are unable to seek treatment in a group environment or public facility.

However exclusive a facility may claim to be and however much a group agrees to be bound by confidentiality, information inevitably leaks out - at The Sanctuary Byron Bay your privacy, and peace of mind is our  guarantee.

Our success is unparalleled in this sensitive and complex field of treatment for addiction, alcoholism, anxiety and depression.

We have perfected the most effective and efficient form of treatment - a one to one holistic approach tailored to each individual.

At The Sanctuary Byron Bay each client is housed in their own private luxurious residence, complete with personal chef and furnished with all that is required for a comfortable and healing stay.

In addition, clients are staffed by a personal care team who are on available 24 hours a day.
We utilise a range of properties with no obvious connection to a treatment centre. Clients’ names are never linked to any of these properties; no signposts identify the properties as Sanctuary residences and even the closest neighbours will be unaware of the purpose of the client's stay. In this way, privacy and confidentiality will always be assured.

Although we have treated royalty, politicians, CEOs and celebrities from around the globe you will probably have never heard of us. This is how our clients like it.

If you, or someone you know, are in need of this specialised form of treatment please call us on +61 2 6639 8888


No other treatment centre has the capacity to provide the scope of therapies and level of expertise for individual care that is available at The Sanctuary Byron Bay.

Unlike other treatment centres, The Sanctuary is unique in the world for one simple reason – all programs are constructed ‘from scratch’ and are unique to each client.

As each program involves a number of therapies, our success relies not only upon the depth and breadth of experience of our practitioners, but also how we integrate the best of both biomedical and complementary treatment approaches for each individual.

An integral part of therapy at The Sanctuary is to enjoy life and have some fun while with us. We encourage our clients to continue to engage in pursuits they love and may have ceased to do due to their addiction, or to learn new skills, sports or hobbies.

We are located in an exquisitely beautiful part of the world and an abundant natural playground. Our clients can enjoy everything that the natural environment offers.

Swimming, surfing, fishing, sailing, walking on the beach or exploring ancient rain forests are on the doorstep. If a client has anything else in mind all they have to do is ask.

Naturally there are ample opportunities for those who prefer more urban pursuits such as shopping, cinema, theatre and fine dining.


The process of treatment and recovery is greatly accelerated if a person can remove themselves from their natural environment and the distractions of home.

This is particularly true for people who hold high office, or have a high business / public profile in their home country and need to get away to achieve true privacy.

The Sanctuary is located in Byron Bay, a beautiful resort town at the most eastern point of the Australian continent - famous for its pristine beaches, sub-tropical rain forests and majestic mountain ranges.

Byron Bay enjoys a cosmopolitan vibe where one is just as likely to encounter carefree surfers and backpackers as visiting celebrities and luxury holidaymakers. Here in Byron Bay, everyone is welcome, yet intrusion is rare and for those clients seeking confidentiality and privacy, there is no better place to recover and heal.

In addition to discrete airport transfers The Sanctuary can handle entire travel arrangements.

Often with our international clients this has included the provision of a travel companion, selected for compatibility with the individual, to accompany the client on their journey to The Sanctuary or on their return trip home.

We recognise the desire to stay in touch with family and the need to attend to business affairs during a stay with us. All standard communications are available, as is a staffed business centre on request.

When contemplating treatment the best time to call is now, so...

If you, someone you know or a valued associate needs help please call us on +61 2 6639 8888.

We will listen to you, ease your immediate concerns and explain how we can help.

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