How Long Does Pot Show up on a Drug Test?

A few puffs on a joint may keep you high for a couple of hours maximum, but how long does pot show up on a drug test?  That couple of hours smoking pot can actually be detected in the body for weeks after, especially if you are a heavy user of marijuana.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – enters the bloodstream quickly while smoking marijuana, and even if marijuana is eaten rather than smoked, it may take longer to be absorbed into the bloodstream, but still remains in the body long after.  Although it is not stored in the blood, THC is stored in body tissue and fat and can only be eliminated from the body via the urine and feces. Hence drug tests for marijuana are always urine tests not blood tests.

If you think you can fool a marijuana screening test, think again.  Although there are any number of herbal teas and products offered for sale that supposedly help marijuana users to pass a drug test, none of them work.  They all say they clean the system of marijuana, which if it involves drinking gallons of herbal teas or liquids as part of the cleanse, yes, to a minor extent they will help, but drinking ordinary water would also serve the same purpose. Many of these cleanses recommend you take them over a number of days, in which case the body would have eliminated some of the THC from the body anyway.

There are very few “false positive” results from urine tests for marijuana because the test involves two procedures, ending with a gas chromatograph test.

Some people try to beat the system by adding things to the urine, but labs are well aware of the use of eye drops, bleach and salt, often used to adulterate the urine.  The only way to pass a drug test is by using the urine of someone who doesn’t use marijuana or any kind of drugs, and good luck trying to get that into a testing facility!

Most companies have workplace policies that include employment after the satisfactory submission of a drug screening test.  There’s no way around it. If you want to get a good job and quit lying around on the sofa and getting high, the only thing you can do is stop smoking marijuana.  If you are a heavy user, don’t expect to look for a job interview within the next couple ofmonths.

So how long does pot show up on a drug test?  It can be up to several weeks.

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