The Difference Between Eustress and Distress

There is a huge difference between eustress and distress, be aware that constant stress is the kind that can potentially be bad for your health. When the stress is on the on position we have a hard time recovering from the strain of chronic stress.

On the other hand eustress, is easy to recover from and simply just move on. The good news is that there are ways to convert negative stress into positive stress. It is important to keep in mind that eustress are events of limited time and we also know that we are going to get over it fast.

Often the main problem with distress is that you don’t know when its going to end, to turn distress into eustress we can try thinking of the stresses as temporary. One of the best ways to convert distress into eustress is to not try to do a million things at one time, take a big goal and cut it into small pieces that way you can work more productively and efficiently.

Another way to convert you negative experiences into positive experiences is by re framing your stress sensation, for example if you are anxious about a certain situation re-frame it as if it was excitement.

I once read a story about a singer that was so scared to go up on stage because she was scared of freezing up and not being able to sing properly, so her singing coach then instructed her to think of her panic as excitement that powers her vocal chords. After she practiced this for a while she was able to sing with joy and even started enjoying coming up on stage.

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