What Is The Fast Phobia Cure And Does It Really Work?

The fast phobia cure is a neuro linguistic programming (NLP) technique that’s used all over the world to get rid of fears and phobias in super fast time. It claims to work in around 10 minutes, start to finish, and in my experience that’s about right.

So what is involved in the fast phobia cure?

Well, it’s often also referred to as the NLP rewind technique because that’s what you’ll be doing – rewinding your memory of whatever traumatic event caused you to have the phobia in the first place.

If you’ve blocked out that memory, no worries. Because so many people take awkward memories and lock them away in a dark recess of their mind, the fast phobia cure technique was designed to take this into account but still work.

You’ll start by relaxing. It’s not a strict requirement for the technique to work but most people find that it helps. After all, you’re about to get rid of a trigger that causes you fear and worry, so being relaxed and chilled out is a good start.

Next the person – or guided audio file you’re listening to – will take you into a process of heightened imagination. Which is actually near enough what you’re doing to create the phobia in the first place, except that there’s not the fear trigger.

You’ll find yourself relaxing as though you are at the cinema. OK, no popcorn or other people in the audience but we can’t expect total reality for this.

On screen is you, alive and well if a little pale, having come through the event that caused you to want to have this particular fear in your life.

Then the on screen movie will fade to black and white and play itself backwards until before the start of the trigger event.

This happens a few more times with a few additions to the plot until the short cut that your mind takes to create your fear has been erased.

It’s simple and very effective. Even if you think that you can’t imagine things – there’s ways around that problem as, again, you’re not alone in that.

The fast phobia cure can be done face to face or with a simple guided MP3 audio file, which a lot of people prefer as it’s anonymous and can be fitted in regardless of how busy their schedule is.

Find out more about the fast phobia cure and the NLP rewind technique.
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